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Monday, January 16, 2012

Michael Roth's petition to the Arizona Supreme Court

After suffering through this unconstitutional gun grab by the Arizona Supreme Court, Michael Roth petitioned the court to repeal its unlawful rule of procedure that caused his problem in the first place.

You can read his petition, and the follow on comments, in the court's public forum.

Sounds silly to petition the court. First, the Justices wouldn't uphold the law the last time they were petitioned about this. (See the last paragraph in our previous post.) Second, they wouldn't uphold the law when they were sued in federal court about it. (Thanks Tom Horne, for defending the Justices in their illegal act.)

Really, the Justices (those of them who refused to repeal this Rule) should be impeached for usurping the power of the Legislature. (See Mr. Roth's petition.)

That's not going happen.

Next, the people should vote the Justices out of office.

That's not going to happen either. So, sadly, we get the government we deserve.

A lawless one.

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